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Cristina Grajales is proud to present this years Design Miami booth, featuring Hechizoo, Aaron Poritz, Christophe Côme, Sang Hoon Kim, Sam Baron, Pedro Barrail, Betil Dagdelen, Virginia San Fratello, and presenting Christina Z Antonio.

Hechizoo Jardin 2

Our booth will be featuring the Jardin de America Rug by Hechizoo. This remarkable piece features masterfully embroidered flowers and animals, coming together to form a bouquet that is in the shape of the America’s. Hechizoo’s Jardin de America Rug is it is a narrative woven with threads of tradition and innovation.


This extraordinary rug, showcased in our booth, is a celebration of nature, seamlessly blending the organic beauty of flowers and animals with a design that pays homage to the Americas.The ombre transition symbolizes the nuanced beauty of the Americas, and the meticulous embroidery transforms the rug into a vibrant canvas that encapsulates the spirit of the continent.

Furry Forest Copy 3

We are also proud to present Virginia San Fratello’s enchanting collection, ‘Furry Forest,’ in our booth in Design Miami. Comprising 3D-printed light fixtures, these whimsical totems are a vibrant reaction against the shadows of the past few years, inviting viewers to rediscover the pleasure of touch and connection. Covered in 3D-printed hair, each fixture beckons to be petted, creating a sensorial experience that transcends the visual.

Crafted from a lively mix of bio-plastic and wood, the fixtures not only emanate high energy with their vivid colors but also exude a comforting warmth. San Fratello’s innovative use of recycled materials, including wood and food packaging waste, adds an eco-conscious layer to this immersive and joyful art installation

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