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Cristina Grajales Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of “Cultural Artifacts,” a unique and immersive exhibition of sculptural furniture and paintings by Roy Nachum. This exhibition draws inspiration from prehistoric and ancient architectural styles and themes, which trace back to the artist’s roots in Jerusalem, Israel.

Roy Nachum’s multidisciplinary approach combines his fine art background with material exploration to create pieces that are not only functional but also provoke thoughtful consideration and encourage viewers to re-examine the true nature of their habitat. Through experimentation and a fascination with immediacy and structural simplicity, Nachum exaggerates the requirements of form and materiality.

The exhibition’s centerpiece is a collection of oak chairs suspended by chains attached to moving gears, showcasing Nachum’s references to performance art and technology. The installation introduces repetitive and reductive principles and properties of sound, motion, and space, bringing visual, sonic, and spatial elements into one immersive experience.

Nachum’s diverse oeuvre traverses painting, sculpture, architecture, technology, and design to probe human perception. His experimental works challenge the eye and demand reflection and interpretation, blending science and art to challenge expectations. Nachum is a versatile proteus, able to slip between forms, weave multiple mediums, and be proficient in every mode.

The exhibition also features Nachum’s “Flip” paintings, which reference his conceptual framework. The work is viewed from the side that is typically obscured or considered the back of the canvas, a process which the artist refers to as “dematerialization.” This form of institutional critique starts the work and allows the viewer to complete it, making it a highly engaging and interactive experience.

About the Artist

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