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born 1979, Israeli

Roy Nachum is known for his comprehensive artistic practice that examines human perception through painting, sculpture, architecture, and digital art. Nachum is a versatile proteus, a multidisciplinary force with the unique ability to merge worlds and do-it-all. His experimental works utilize art historical elements, conceptualism, and interactivity to explore complex psych-visual factors like sensory substitution, internal representations, trans historical paradigms, and mental rotation.

Works often include Braille messages and the recurring subject of a child with a gold crown covering his or her eyes suggesting “blindness” caused by displaced values and desire. The Crown Kid is a symbol of humility.

Imbued in its own evolution, Nachum’s work takes form through a series of experiments. As such, Nachum used himself as a conduit and blindfolded himself for 196 hours, a period of 7 consecutive days.

Over the last decade, Nachum’s practice has expanded, experimenting developing new ideas, methods, and narratives. His work addresses the future challenges and possibilities that technology has and will impose on art, and what it means to grow in the digital age. He manipulates modern tools to create boundary-pushing artworks. Nachum gives new meaning to “being inside his work’ and redefines experience.

Roy Nachum attended The Cooper Union in New York. His work is included in many important public and private collections. He was nominated for the 59th annual Grammy awards for best recording packaging for the art and art direction of Rihanna’s acclaimed album Anti. Nachum currently lives in New York and works in New York and Italy.

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