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Cristina Grajales is proud to present Via Lactea (Milky Way) opening May 6th at our Tribeca gallery. This special exhibition brings together Paula Hayes and Randy Polumbo. Via Lactea will present the work of these two artists, both of whose singular styles are rooted in the cosmic, the magical, and the supernatural.

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Paula Hayes will unveil a series of hand-blown glass comets, alongside a selection of her silicone planters, resin birdbaths, and patinated gnomes, as well as her series “Barnyard Animals Banquet”. A selection of her Terraria Collection will also be on display. These giant terrariums filled with recycled glass, mica, and other unexpected materials are an homage to earth art. 

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Randy Polumbo will present several mixed media objects that combine the mesmerizing with the dystopian. New works highlight his recent explorations with fungi as a sculptural material. Also on view will be grotto miniature “Curiosity”, a handheld hypnotic micro-universe. This hand-hammered, polished aluminum interior of a rocket launcher case generates a spatial distortion wherein it’s sculptural elements of crystalline planets and hand-blown glass appear larger than life. 

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Paula Hayes
born 1958, American
Paula Hayes is an American visual artist and designer who works with sculpture, installation art, and landscape design. Hayes lived and worked in New York City for over two decades and now lives in Athens, NY since 2013. She is known for her terrariums and other living artworks, as well as her large-scale public and private landscape commissions. 
Randy Polumbo Portrait
born 1984, American

Randy Polumbo is an installation-based artist who lives and works between Joshua Tree, California and New York City. His artwork has been shown nationally and internationally across metropoles and natural landscapes such as deserts, ruins, and caves.


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