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Baron Marie Master
MG 1367 Scaled E1660159913588
MG 1264

From Europe with Love will showcase a collection of new furniture, lighting, sculptures and textiles based on traditional European craftsmanship and methodology.  Baron’s preferred themes and narratives are centered around the traditional use of traditional know-how, the mixing of different styles related to different time and cultural frames, and their reinterpretation in modernity, rather than their unification by typology or material.  As such, these objects are communicating entities but also functional design that explores the materials, techniques, and details of European culture in which Sam navigates, between Italy, Portugal and his native France.

Born in France in 1976, Sam Baron has a degree in Design from the Fine Arts School of Saint Etienne and a post-graduate degree from the National Decorative Arts School of Paris.  In addition to being an independent designer and consultant, Baron is currently working as the head of the design department at Fabrica, the communication research center based in Treviso, Italy.


About the Artist

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