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born 1960, American

Amanda Weil founded Weil Studio in 1993. The studio’s specialization with large scale photographic glass is an outgrowth of Weil’s interest in the intersection of photography and architecture. The digital revolution has enabled the studio to create brilliant images in extraordinary scales.

Collaborations with architects, lighting designers and clients are an essential part of the creative process at Weil Studio. Weil considers issues of context, scale and location as well as the vision of each client. The studio creates imagery specifically for each project.

The experience of light is integral to each installation. Just as glass is transformed by photography, imagery is transformed by light. A large translucent image has a visceral effect. We transform spaces with the illumination of Weil’s artwork.

Weil has a BA from Harvard College and spent a year at The Whitney Museum Independent Study program. She is on the board of Creative Time, an arts foundation that offers millions of people rare encounters with art in the public realm.

Amanda Weil Portrait

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