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Pedro By Pedro Scaled E1660576314391

Cristina Grajales Gallery and the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden are pleased to present the inaugural exhibition of Design at Fairchild, Sitting Naturally.

Sitting Naturally will showcase a collection of seating designed by a selection of Cristina Grajales Gallery’s internationally renowned artists.  Inspired by the Fairchild’s lush, tropical landscape, each artist is creating two benches to be placed throughout the Garden’s 83 exquisite acres.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden’s diverse collection of exotic palms, cycads, flowering trees, vines, orchids and other foliage will serve as the backdrop for works created by an equally varied group of artists.  From the whimsical, playful work of Sam Baron to the strong, sculptural work of Michele Oka Doner, each will use his or her unique perspective to change a quotidian object into an extraordinary work of art.  Sitting Naturally will showcase the work of Gael Appler, Sam Baron, Pedro Barrail, Christophe Côme, Michele Oka Doner, Sebastian Errazuriz, and John Paul Philippe.

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