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Soma at LondonDesignMuseum-Edit
Apaya Limited Eddition 3
Memory, 2010, Soma 2
Webs October 2010, Soma, 8

Cristina Grajales Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in the United States of Israeli lighting and furniture designer Ayala Serfaty, In Vein.

In Vein is a collection of 16 new lighting and furniture pieces that highlight Serfaty’s exploration of modern industrial materials. Beginning with her Soma light sculptures, Serfaty manipulates glass and polymer to expose the delicacy and behavioral nuances of the object while communicating her interpretation of nature’s complex structures. She continues this exploration with her Apaya lights, a collaboration with textile artist Irit Dulmann. Combining ancient wool felting techniques with modern lighting technology, the wool becomes a sculptural carrier of light in a uniquely aesthetic way.

In her newest furniture pieces, the complexity of design is focused on texture rather than form. Serfaty views the object as a canvas, where felt, silk, linen and wool are molded into emotional expressions in seamless upholstery. The combination of the layered fibers create a dense and intricate skin that provokes the viewers sensibilities.

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