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Artistry and nature are exquisitely fused in the captivating exhibition Fu Xiaotong and Xiao Mao: Recent Works, proudly presented by Cristina Grajales in collaboration with Chambers Fine Art. Recent Works will be shown in dialogue with a collection of 20th Century furniture by Philip and Kelvin LaVerne, and designed by the esteemed New York-based interior designer, Young Huh.


In Fu Xiaotong and Xiao Mao: Recent Works, artists converge, weaving nature’s essence into their creations. Mao’s plaster sculptures echo history and fleeting allure. Light interacts with form, transcending limits, and embodying nature’s rhythm.

Chambers Full View

Xiaotong’s Xuan paper explorations reveal tactile poetry. Delicate needlework unveils its essence, transitioning from landscapes to captivating abstractions. Precision blurs creator and creation, as LaVerne’s bronze and pewter pieces embody nature’s vitality and the passage of time.

Plaster, acrylic paint, ceramic, iron wire, electrical components 29 1/2” x 12 2/3” x 11 1/2”
Plaster, acrylic paint, electrical components 18 2/3” x 15” x 9 1/4”
Plaster, shell, acrylic paint, electrical components 8 3/4” x 13 1/3” x 8 2/3”
Xiao Serenade

As the exhibitions unfold, experience harmony, and reflect on your place in this grand narrative. The tactile beauty of these works captures the timeless dialogue between human hands and nature’s spirit, showcasing art’s profound essence.


86,128 Pinpricks
Handmade Xuan paper, 2021 31 1/2 x 30 in
387,258 Pinpricks
Handmade paper, 2023 63 2/5" x 39 3/4"


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