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born 1959, American

The balance in each of Suzanne Tick’s weavings is an exploration of the technical and the organic. Industrial materials are juxtaposed against found materials. The quality of each piece is magnified by either the accumulation of material or the sparseness of material. These experiments entitled Salvage are the recognition of everyday humble material, exploring its beauty when separated and reenergized. Wire hangers, plastic bags, cardboard tubes and tissue paper are combined with industrial yarns in works that explore the possibilities of the discarded and reclaimed.

Suzanne Tick born in 1959, has her own design company, Suzanne Tick Inc. Tick was the former Creative Director of KnollTextiles from 1997 – 2005 and continues to serve as a contributing designer. Tick is currently the Design Director of Tandus Flooring. From the beginning, Tick spent summers in her fathers scrap metal recycling plant weighing and sorting metals, exploring the possibilities in the cast-offs of rural life. Tick creates work that harnesses the struggles of life, resulting in textiles that are both delicate and strong. She investigates materials, pairing the thick with the thin, the dull with the brilliant, and the colorful with the neutral. As Tick states, “weaving holds everything together, materials and life, successes and failures”.

Tick holds a BFA from the University of Iowa and an AAS from the Fashion Institute of Technology. She lives and works in New York, NY.

Suzanne Tick
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