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born 1956, American

Designer Madeline Weinrib has shaped a signature sophisticated style that is at once timeless and contemporary. With her collections of iconic rugs and textiles, Madeline actively challenges the boundaries between art and design. An established painter, Madeline exhibited regularly throughout the 1990s before designing her first rug collection in 1997. Inspired by the challenge of translating painterly ideals to warp and weft, she sensed an opportunity to carve out a new niche and to modernize what was at the time a traditional idiom. Embracing authenticity as one of her hallmark values, Madeline’s aesthetic is defined by her individual approach to pattern, palette and scale and the use of techniques that favor hand over machine and tradition over automation.

Madeline Weinrib has collaborated with such institutions as the Art Production Fund, Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), Neue Galerie, and the Cooper Hewitt Museum. After running an atelier for nearly 20 years, Weinrib closed the doors to her iconic studio in Flatiron, to peruse sustainable projects on a more wholesome and unreproducible scale. The inauguration of her commitment to this new project series is showcased by the Mustalaa Project: a series of rugs woven from recycled silks. Each project will be given a years time to produce no more than a maximum of 12 editions and one proof. She will alter color, size and border dimensions, but the integrity of each project will be retained by the patterns developed by Weinrib.

Black and white portrait of artist Madeline Weinrib

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